Saturday, 30 July 2011

Red Macrame with "tree Patterns"

Helo here again, what's up?
Look at the picture, RED MACRAME BAG absolutely from my hands.
okey lets we discussed about the picture. Those bag name’s “tree patterns”, with length 28 cm and width 30 cm, and range price RP 100.000 or $ 11.
Those bag I made by my self, and exhausted for about 7 cords red and 1 cord black an ¼ cord brown. And needed 1 day to make those bag. About the design, just in my mine and I never copy from anybody, because I always think I can make a different design without copy from the other. Its my principled!.
Sometime I think why I always make a same design from internet?, why I never try to make a different?. And from bottom of my heart, I try it, and look at my creation, I can made different and I proud ^_^, I have a mission to make a design bag from day to day not same, so, one bag for one people, this is it I said one mode for one people, I made my trend from my hands. But it’s not easy, because, so much obstacle, when I in a bad mood, hard to me to make a good design, problem and the other. Speak about macramé bag, speak about my dream, and I have big spirit when I said I’ll be a success women, will be a entrepreneur, *my dream, and I hope will be.
Oke back to macramé bag, made a bag need touch of art, about the design, and customer longing. Must balance, because we don’t know how to make a popular bag, we just guess, remember guess, and guess need observation to customer, try to understand the customer. If u need close with your customer, be friend with them. That more easy to u to dig the information about them.
It not same if u live in downtown, customer didn’t complain about the price, cheap or expensive, doesn’t matter, but in my village price is a big problem. But now I can handled that, with make a small bag and cheap price. Price reached and product good selling, It’s the goal.
My village included a poor district, and almost the society get outcome from farmer and civil servant. They never think, how to be an entrepreneur?. They never do something different between farmer and civil servant. And the big obstacle when they think be entrepreneur is money, if we don’t have a lot of money don’t think we will be an entrepreneur. Why always money?.
Can u tell me?, why money always a first problem for young entrepreneur. .*just leave comment .
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